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A Humorous Vanity Tale - By Betty Jo Tucker
The dictionary describes vanity as “an excessive pride in or admiration of one’s own appearance or achievements.” And French philosopher Henri Bergson’s observation about vanity seems most appropriate for this review. He wrote, “The only cure for vanity is laughter and the... MORE >>
Tom Hanks Goes Western - By Frank Wilkins
There’s very little that Tom Hanks hasn’t done. From enduring the discomfort of support brassieres in TV’s Bosom Buddies, to foiling pirates on the high seas in Captain Phillips, America’s favorite actor has just about done it all. The guy even battled... MORE >>
From Stage to Screen - By James Colt Harrison
One Night in Miami takes place in the middle of the 1964 civil rights movement. Director Regina King has set her cameras -- by cinematographer Tami Reiker -- on the World Championship fight of Cassius Clay, age 22, and Sonny Liston, age 34, as the opening scenes of the mov... MORE >>
Apocalypse Prophecy? - By Betty Jo Tucker
With so much bad news about the dangers of climate change and the global spreading of Covid-19, The Midnight Sky seems like a prophecy of what might happen to the world in about 25 years from now. The movie posits that some kind of tragedy has made Earth inhabitable then.... MORE >>
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Latest Features
Composer Dario Vero Interview #2 - By Richard Jack Smith
I consider Dario Vero to be one of the most imaginative, creative and seminal composers working today. Where others merely imitate or self reference, Vero has developed his own personal signature. From listening to his work on The Stolen Princess and The Inglorious... MORE >>
Score Season #57 - By Richard Jack Smith
Below are more soundtrack reviews of recent and archival releases. The Charge of the Light Brigade (John Addison, 1968) *** Apart from the title and the subject matter, John Addison's music for The Charge of the Light Brigade differs entirely from Max Steiner's... MORE >>

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Penguin Bloom

Grab-Bag Review
Go for Green!
As fans await the expansion of a live-action DC Cinematic Universe at a theater near them, the comics giant's animation division has proven to be much more bountiful. From television capers to full-length DVD features, the small... MORE >>
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