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by 213 people

ReelTalk Movie Reviews
Entertainment at Its Best
by Betty Jo Tucker

Will Ferrell almost always makes me laugh, so I try to see all of his movies. In fact, I smile just thinking about some of the quirky characters he’s played on the big screen and on SNL No matter how outrageous, Ferrell gets to the amusing soul of each part. My favorites include the grown man who thought he was an elf, the cowbell player in that hilarious “More Cowbell” SNL skit, and so-called newsman Ron Burgundy. Well, now I have to add Lars, the Iceland song man in Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga, to my list.

Personally, I want to thank Ferrell for helping my husband Larry, daughter Sue, son Kelly and me when we were down in the dumps a few days after my husband suffered a mild heart attack.. Larry had just returned from the hospital and wasn’t feeling his best, of course. So we all decided to watch Eurovision Song Contest, a movie also co-written by Ferrell. That turned out to be the medicine we needed. We were entertained from start to finish!

Ferrell receives great support from the appealing Rachel McAdams (Red Eye). These two stars portray childhood friends who grew to love music and have formed a band called Fire Saga. They play gigs in their small Icelandic town. But Lars has bigger ambitions.   

Lars lives to win a song contest.

Not just any, only the best.

It’s Eurovision he’s after.

Why does this dream evoke laughter?


ABBA music helped Lars to cope

when as a child he needed hope.

His best friend Sigrit joined with him

to prove their band was not a whim.   


When picked as Iceland’s song entry.

It’s a surprise of the century.

  But they persist despite the jokes

and prove themselves courageous folks!


Will Ferrell wins our heart as Lars.

His comic turn deserves five stars.

Rachel McAdams don’t forget.

She’s adorable as Sigrit.


Across the screen fun music bursts.

Enough to quench many fans thirsts.

  Hooray for comedies like this!

It put me in a state of bliss.

During the contest, Lars and Sigrit’s longtime friendship gets challenged by a popular smarmy contestant -- played to the hilt by Dan Stevens (The Man Who Invented Christmas) -- who wants Sigrit to come work with him. This makes Lars think more deeply about his feelings for Sigrit, who really loves him. Throughout the film there are hints that Lars’ father (still handsome Pierce Brosnan) might also be Sigrit’s dad.   

Regarding the film's music, be sure to watch for Demi Lovato in a lovely number as well as Fire Saga’s “Double Trouble” and Dan Stevens’ unforgettable “Lion of Love” performance. Stevens is now my choice for best supporting actor so far this year.

(Released by Netflix and rated “PG-13” by MPAA.)    

Director: David Dobkin

Co-writer: Andrew Steele

Music: Atli Orvarsson

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