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Croft Humanistic - By Richard Jack Smith
Time to raid some tombs. Before Angelina Jolie was rolling around in the dirt battling mythic villains, the public saw Lara Croft as ones and zeroes. Ergo, a digital creation. If pushed, she could rise to any occasion. Thus, the enduring fan appeal. For the 2018... MORE >>
Thrilling Depiction of True Events
By James Colt Harrison
True stories taken from the front pages of newspapers are usually intriguing pieces of history. Such is the case with the new Jose Padilha film 7 Days in Entebbe. A group of German terrorists hijacked an Air France plane filled with Jewish tourists. They were seeking the release... MORE >>
Dog Daze - By Betty Jo Tucker
When an orphaned dog and a fatherless schoolboy make eye contact on a busy street, both realize they were meant for each other. This remarkable early scene sets the tone of Benji, Brandon Camp’s charming remake of his father’s (Joe Camp) popular 1974 film. The casting... MORE >>
Heartless - By James Colt Harrison
The Russians seem to love tragedy. Have you ever seen a Chekhov play turned into a happy musical? Sadness! Doom! Misery! There’s plenty of all that in this dreary film out of Moscow. Still, somebody must have thought highly of Loveless because it was nominated as Best Foreign... MORE >>

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Latest Features
Alfred Hitchcock: Master of Suspense
By Betty Jo Tucker
To celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Alfred Hitchcock’s classic thriller Vertigo, Movie Addict Headquarters is featuring an ON DEMAND tribute show about the Master of Suspense from March 19 through March 25.  During this vintage episode, film historian James Colt Harrison... MORE >>
Score Season #20 - By Richard Jack Smith
Below are more soundtrack reviews and poems. 1001 Arabian Nights (George Duning, 1959) **** Film music with great love themes and songs can melt your heart. That’s the case when hearing George Duning’s exceptional 1001 Arabian Nights.... MORE >>

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Sherlock Gnomes

Grab-Bag Review
The Blind Samurai
Zatoichi is a blind masseur who has a nifty little sideline as a deadly samurai. Well, actually he is a ronin, which means a samurai without a master. Despite his visual impairment, Zatoichi can dispatch even... MORE >>
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Thor: Ragnarok
  3/6/2018 VHS DVD
  3/6/2018 VHS DVD
Man Who Invented Christmas, The
  3/6/2018 VHS DVD
Greatest Showman, The
  3/6/2018 VHS DVD
Murder on the Orient Express
  2/27/2018 VHS DVD
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