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Sins of the Past - By Betty Jo Tucker
A tiny girl cannot be found. Her mom and dad look all around.   Where is she now? Is she okay? Do ghosts of kids want her to pay?   Dark secrets get revealed at last -- of greed and... MORE >>
Not Just a Sports Movie - By Frank Wilkins
Mcfarland, USA shouldn’t work. Its stock story about a white coach in a small rural town who transforms a band of ethnic misfits into a well-oiled championship team seems too commonplace and smells like a prefabbed assembly line sports drama. But it’s not. Oddly, Mcfarland,... MORE >>
Political Corruption Russian Style
By Frank Wilkins
Those Russians. So many contributions to the world -- the space race, vodka, vowel-deprived surnames, hockey players, vodka, the AK-47, hot tennis players, communism, vodka. And let’s not forget to add filmmaker Andrey Zvyagintsev whose latest film, the dour Russian drama Leviathan,... MORE >>
Sentimental & Rough - By Diana Saenger
Writer-director Mike Binder probably didn’t imagine that Black or White, his film based on a true story, would be released during an ongoing awards season when movie fans were debating about civil rights. His aim? To spotlight a custody battle between a grandfather and... MORE >>

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Latest Features
Jurassic Park/The Lost World Soundtracks
By Richard Jack Smith
Jurassic Park Soundtrack (*****). In 1993, author/screenwriter Michael Crichton and director Steven Spielberg brought Jurassic Park to the big screen. The story co-written by David Koepp involved cloning. When the blood of insects containing rare dinosaur... MORE >>
Guess Who Came to Dinner - By Betty Jo Tucker
On February 24, Movie Addict Headquarters presents a discussion of Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, the 1967 film about parents whose attitudes about race are challenged when their daughter brings home a fiancé who is black. Actress Katharine Houghton talks about her experience... MORE >>

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Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, The

Grab-Bag Review
Clone without a Soul
If it looks like a Terminator, walks like a Terminator, and talks like a Terminator, then it must be a Terminator, right? Not when a new creative team takes over the franchise from its original creators. Jonathan Mostow's... MORE >>
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Last of Robin Hood, The
  3/3/2015 VHS DVD
  3/3/2015 VHS DVD
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Life Itself
  2/17/2015 VHS DVD
Homesman, The
  2/17/2015 VHS DVD
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