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ReelTalk Movie Reviews
Memorable Mystery
by Betty Jo Tucker

Like so many movie fans, I love a good mystery. Knives Out ends up being more than good. It’s memorable! In fact, this entertaining film written and directed by Rian Johnson, includes almost everything I like to see in this genre. It takes place in an old Gothic mansion, exudes an atmosphere of suspense, drops a lot of clues, introduces fascinating suspects, adds a bit of humor, and kept me guessing right up to the end. I can't help thinking that Agatha Christie would enjoy Knives Out.

You might say it’s an old-fashioned mystery, but Johnson has given the movie a modern feel by dealing with characters from a mega-wealthy family who think they are entitled to inherit the fortune their father, a famous mystery novelist, earned in his lifetime – even though he has already given them substantial financial help. When this fortune is bequeathed to someone else, all hell breaks loose.

Fortunately, Johnson picked an excellent cast to bring his story to life on screen, starting with Daniel Craig as a celebrity detective hired to solve the mystery of the patriarch’s death. Craig speaks with a Southern accent here, and it works. Christopher Plummer plays the victim who either committed suicide by slashing his own throat or was murdered. The key members of his combative family include: Jamie Lee Curtis as the oldest daughter; Don Johnson playing his son-in-law; Toni Collette portraying his other daughter; Michael Shannon as his son; Chris Evans as his grandson; and Katherine Langford as his granddaughter. Of course, all of these characters have selfish motives that get revealed in delicious flashbacks.

 Ana de Armas delivers a strong performance as the caring nurse who can’t tell a lie without vomiting. This important character becomes the detective’s helper, and they make a very watchable duo.        

 Something’s afoot in film “Knives Out.”

A mystery unfolds, no doubt.

Lots of suspects and surprises.

Plus detective’s wise surmises.


Daniel Craig portrays this sly guy,

who has to solve the what and why.

James Bond he’s not in any way.

Will he manage to save the day?


Suicide or murder -- decide!

“Not guilty,” the family cried.

The corpse’s nurse gets all the blame.

But she’s so sweet -- that’s just a shame.


Mystery fans should love this one.

Suspense ensues until it’s done.

The complicated plot of Knives Out moves along at a rapid pace and requires close attention. But that’s no problem. Afraid to miss anything, I didn’t even want to blink. As you can probably guess, I had a great time watching this memorable mystery -- and so will you. 

(Released by Lionsgate and rated PG-13 by MPAA.)

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