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ReelTalk Movie Reviews
A Terrific Time at the Movies
by James Colt Harrison

A gorgeous gal, a blonde Australian hunk, a cute little alien and spectacular special effects: what more do you want in an action, sci-fi film that cost $110 million to make? It’s all there on the screen in Sony Pictures/ Columbia Pictures spectacular re-boot Men in Black International.

Die-hard fans of the original Men in Black franchise might quibble a little, but this film stands apart from those first attempts because there is now a politically correct woman as one of the leads, and it’s a welcome change to the old Tommy Lee Jones-Will Smith partnership. The new version has some fresh, young actors in the handsome Chris Hemsworth (he of the Thor muscles) and Tessa Thompson, Thor’s sidekick in 2017’s Thor: Ragnarok. The two actors have terrific comedic chemistry between them, and it shows in both films. Hemsworth plays somewhat of a doofus, a type he does well with his comedy chops in his past two films. Paired with the delightful Miss Thompson, Hemsworth portrays the devil-may-care Agent H with casual humor and scattered brain waves.

World favorite Liam Neeson plays their boss in the Men in Black organization. He’s like a father figure to Hemsworth’s Agent H, and the two men bond easily like father and son. Neeson’s character High T (a subtle reference to the British propensity for having tea in the middle of a crisis, one supposes), is authoritative and demanding of Molly (now Agent M) because of her lack of experience. However, he lets her go off with Agent H to save the universe from nefarious characters. The MIB Organization has always been one to protect the earth and its inhabitants from scumbags out to do us harm.

There are some spectacular locations used in this high-energy film, including some beautiful scenes filmed in Morocco, Paris, London and Italy. And what would a film filled with intrigue be without two exotic villains, played menacingly by twin brothers Laurent and Larry Nicolas Bourgeois, rumored to be ex-Beyonce back-up dancers. The scenes filmed in Morocco look like they were filmed on the old 1942 Casablanca sets on the Warner Bros. blacklot.

Hemsworth, a delicious morsel for the ladies to swoon over, has no lack of romance in the film. He catches up with his old romantic partner Riza, a femme-fatale played enticingly by smarmy Rebecca Ferguson. They have a past, but she’s no push-over, and will do him in at any minute if she wishes. There’s a bone of contention between them, but Hemsworth pulls out his abundant charm, humor, and sexiness to try seducing her again. Hemsworth looks adorable as he puts on his “little boy” smile, which turns into egg on his face.

The film’s production design by genius creator Charles Wood deserves kudos from the industry. Its futuristic architecture is a marvel. Plus the cars and transportation designs of all kinds are super.

Men in Black International may not be the best of the action films today, but it is a terrific time at the movies, especially when seeing it on the big IMAX screen. Kids will love all the action, particularly the inventive alien creatures in abundance. This movie puts the Star Wars famous bar scene of creatures to shame. Dad will love all the futuristic gadgets, and mom will love Hemsworth’s staggeringly tall frame.

Go see it and have a good time laughing at Hemsworth’s newly found comedy chops.

(Released by Sony Pictures Entertainment/ Columbia Pictures/ Amblin Entertainment and rated “PG-13” for sci-fi action, some language and suggestive material.)

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