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Rated 3 stars
by 520 people

ReelTalk Movie Reviews
Mysterious and Suspenseful
by Betty Jo Tucker

Black Butterfly, a twisty thriller, takes place outside a Colorado mountain town where people have been concerned about a series of murders and abductions. Paul, a former successful writer living in an out-of-the way cabin there, is trying to write a screenplay, hoping it will relaunch his failing career. One day at a diner, a stranger named Jack helps Paul deal with a tough truck driver who harassed him on the road. Paul then offers Jack a place to stay. At this point, we canít help feeling that was a risky move on Paulís part. What was he thinking?

Sure enough, Jack (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) soon begins intruding into Paulís (Antonio Banderas) work and trying to best him at practically everything. But why? Could he be the killer responsible for the missing women?  He certainly seems happy to be in Paulís isolated location, and whenever he appeared on screen, I felt very, very nervous.            

Mystery and suspense galore

will keep you guessing. Thatís in store

while watching this Black Butterfly.

Who is the killer and will he fry?


Two men engage in cat and mouse

within a most secluded house.

Banderas and Rhys Meyers play

these guys in such a perfect way.


A writer and a vagabond

form a very peculiar bond.

Which one will win this fateful game

and walk away with all the fame?


Donít make a bet on how things end.

You might lose funds on this, my friend.

Just watch the film with rapt intent.

Pay attention is what I meant!

Directed by Brian Goodman and based on the French thriller Papillion Noir, Black Butterfly comes across as an intriguing puzzle that still has me wondering if Iíve put all the pieces together correctly. But the film offers thrills and nerve-wracking excitement as well as strong performances by its excellent co-stars. And it held my interest from beginning to end.   

If you enjoyed Secret Window starring Johnny Depp as another distressed writer in a secluded cabin, Black Butterfly might be a good bet for you.

Öwhat gives the variety of thrillers a common ground is the intensity of emotions they create, particularly those of apprehension and exhilaration, of excitement and breathlessness, all designed to generate that all-important thrill. --- James Patterson

(Released by Lionsgate Premiere and rated ďRĒ by MPAA.)

For more information about Black Butterfly, go to the IMDb or Rotten Tomatoes website.

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