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ReelTalk Movie Reviews
Crude Humor Takes Over NUTTY PROFESSOR 2
by Betty Jo Tucker

Bestiality, flatulence, and geriatric nymphomania receive equal attention in Nutty Professor II: The Klumps. A giant hamster sexually assaults a college dean, a professor dreams that breaking wind is his special Force, and an 80-year old woman thinks of nothing but sex in this raunchy sequel.

On the plus side, Eddie Murphy reprises his uncanny interpretation of six roles that were so popular in The Nutty Professor. With the help of master make-up artist Rick Baker, Murphy brings back five members of the hefty Klump clan --- Sherman, Mama, Papa, Ernie, and Granny. He also resumes the persona of that devilishly handsome villain, Buddy Love. Still looking completely different as each character, Murphy gives them all additional personality depth in their second outing. This time, the Klumps do more than eat, and Buddy Love has more on his mind than Sherman’s girl friend.

The story concerns Professor Sherman Klump’s discovery of a powerful youth serum. Naturally, Dean Richmond (Larry Miller) is delighted. He plans to sell the formula for a large sum of money to help the college. Sherman has also fallen in love with teaching colleague Denise Gaines (Janet Jackson). It seems things just couldn’t be better for the intelligent and likeable Sherman. His family members are very proud of him, and Denise has accepted his marriage proposal. Then Buddy Love, Sherman’s evil alter ego, emerges to spoil everything.

But not for me. I was happy to see Buddy. When he’s on screen, there’s an energy lacking in Murphy’s other characters (with the exception of Mama during her rousing gospel singing scenes). As a result of some weird science stuff, Buddy’s genes separate from Sherman’s and he comes to life with the help of the hair of a dog. That explains why Buddy holds his head out of car windows to sniff the air, chases cats, and can’t resist a game of fetch. These are very funny scenes, and Murphy plays them to the hilt. With enthusiasm and excitement, he mimics the behavior of our canine friends so well we expect him to bark instead of say his lines.

Of course, Buddy is no one’s friend, especially Sherman’s. He’s out to steal the youth serum and take the money for himself. Making matters worse, the strange genetic experiment has caused Sherman to start losing brain cells --- a condition that can be reversed only by the two men reuniting. Fortunately for Sherman, Buddy must deal with the Klump family in order to carry out his diabolical plans, and that brings about his downfall ---- as it would for anyone. Mama’s preachy attitude, Papa’s stubbornness, Ernie’s rude comments, and Granny’s obsession with sex are lethal weapons indeed. Finally, when Granny propositions Buddy, he knows he’s in serious trouble.

Considering Murphy’s incredible talent and such an amusing plot line, it’s a shame filmmakers rely on bathroom humor and crude sight gags for laughs during most of this movie. For example, just as Buddy’s doggie antics are going well, a scene crosses the line by showing him getting ready to relieve himself on newspapers. And, funny or not, Granny’s salacious daydreams combine the worst elements of ageism and sexism, especially when she takes out her false teeth for a bathtub sexual tryst.

The best thing about Nutty Professor II is the chance to see lovely Janet Jackson (Poetic Justice) on the big screen again. Her sensitive performance as Sherman’s understanding love interest is just as refreshing as her big smile. Each time she looks at Sherman, the devotion in her eyes convinces us of her deep feelings for him --- even when he turns a meeting with her parents into a total disaster (by killing their beloved parrot).

Although Nutty Professor II: The Klumps emphasizes the importance of family, it’s not a family film. That’s too bad, for Eddie Murphy is a gifted performer whose talents should be enjoyed by people of all ages. Maybe next time, kiddies.

(Released by Universal Pictures and rated "PG-13" for crude humor and sex-related material)

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